Saturday, May 31, 2008

Since Team Training

Team training was hard - I will write about that later. But since then, I have become a part of Sam's family. They take me everywhere: from a Nationals baseball game to the movies; from restaurants to Starbucks. Everywhere Sam goes, I go. Sam's dad even took me after school to meet Sam's friends at school. That was fun. Then we went to Kennedy Krieger and I was a star attraction with the nurses and the other kids and especially with Sam's incredible doctor Z.

Sam gets up early most days and he and his dad take me for long walks before Sam goes to school. And it is Sam who measures out my food and gives me the command to eat. I love to eat but Sam and his dad make sure I only eat what I am supposed to.

Every night Sam's dad makes me practice some commands so I don't forget them - and then I end up in the back yard with Sam and his dad, playing my favorite game - fetch - with a squeaky tennis ball. Oh what fun that is. I love to play fetch.

OK, off to bed with Sam. I love to snuggle next to him and keep him company.

Friday, May 30, 2008



I am Theda. I am a Companion Canine for my pal Sam. I recently graduated with Sam at Canine Companions for Independence North East Regional Center in New York. This is my blog which I am writing with the help of Sam's dad. Please visit for more details on the incredible organization which raised me and paired me with my new pal Sam.