Saturday, June 28, 2008

Farmers Market

This morning Sam's dad took me to the Alexandria Farmer's market where we saw Jan who has a stand at the market. She sells all sorts of good stuff including doggie treats, which are very healthy. Sam's dad bought a doggies scarf for me as well as some of the wonderful treats, which help benefit CCI. I think you should all order something from Jan as she is AMAZING. Check out for some cool gifts for your dog.

Also, Jan's husband Dave is in hospital undergoing treatment. I know Sam's family is thinking about him and how wonderful he and Jane. Please think about Dave and Jan.

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Screech and my birthday

As part of Sam's birthday gift, his dad took Sam and me to see the Nationals play the Orioles. We had fun as usual but what was special was that one of the incredible Nationals staff, by the name of Lauren, arranged for Screech, the Nationals Mascot, to stop by and wish Sam a happy birthday. Sam loves Screech but he was tired by the time Screech dropped in - hence he looks a little tired in the picture. I like Screech - and Screech liked me, though I was a little nervous of him - or maybe because I like to chase birds :). Thanks to the Nationals for making Sam's day - and a special, special thanks to Screech for being the best mascot in sports.

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Sam's Birthday

June 27 was Sam's birthday. Sam went to camp and then he came home and we had birthday cake. Guess who was on the cake? Sam is now 12. Check out the happy pictures on the left of Sam and me and the cake

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Friday, June 27, 2008

My sister

I have 13 siblings - and today one of them - or rather her SC team- wrote to Sam's dad. My sister's name is Trieste and she is working with a wonderful young lady called Annie in California. Isn't CCI amazing? I am near Washington D.C. and Trieste is in the Golden State. I think Trieste looks just like me. Thanks to Annie's mom for sending the picture below. Hope we can stay in touch.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Typical Day

So what is my typical day like. Sam wakes up early and I follow him and try to wake up David. Not easy but normally he realizes its time to get up and take me and Sam for a walk. We do our morning walk around the neighborhood and I get to do my business - if you know what I mean. Then we come back home and Sam, with a little help from his dad, gets my breakfast ready. Sam puts it down and gives me the OK to eat. Did i tell you I love my food? Then I relax with Sam till he goes off to camp and I then go to my crate and take long naps. Normally, Emma or Sam's mom are home first and they take me out for a 'business' visit and then I wait for Sam to come home. I love it when he comes home. We hang out together and Sam then gives me my dinner. Then, with Sam's dad we go for a long walk and end up in the backyard where Sam and his dad brush me. brush my teeth and I get to play my favorite game of all FETCH THE BALL. Then, Sam and I cuddle up on his bed and go to sleep. Of course, weekends are much more fun and more about them each week.

Got to go nap :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh what a dog's life it is

Today I went out to the countryside to visit an INCREDIBLE couple named Jan and Dave. They are puppy raisers for CCI and have raised many, many pups. Some of the pups have graduated - but some did not and some of them came to visit and play with me today. I had a blast. Jan and Dave and their friends are so cool. They do so much for CCI and it was fun to be able to visit them and to have some dog time. Check me out in the middle of the pack and the slideshow on the right of the page. Jan and Dave have such a big yard to play in. I am exhausted.
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NOVA Cool Cats Bike Ride

Today was a special day. Sam LOVES to play hockey with the Nova Cool Cats and today they held a motor bike ride through the countryside of Virginia. We joined the bikers for breakfast - and Sam sat on Wally's bike. He also enjoyed some great pancakes - wish I could have tried them :(. Check me out with Sam in front of the bikes. Thanks
to all the great bikers for coming out and supporting the amazing Cool Cats.
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